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Homepage redirect not working

Mar 24, 2013 at 4:35 PM
I have installed a new Orchard website recently. In this website, I plan on having different areas. For now, I just have one (my blog) that I want to be a "blog area" ( As I don't have a proper homepage yet or any other area, I want to redirect the homepage ( to my blog area.

I have found this module and installed it as it looks to be the proper way of doing it. The rule I have set up is the following one:
RewriteRule ^/$ /blog [R]
I have tested my rule in the simulation tab and it works fine. I have activated this rule on the website and it doesn't work.

I have tested other rules and my conclusion is that it never works when I want to redirect (or transfer) the homepage.

Do you have any idea why?