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Admin UI truncates entires


Admittedly I think I might be pushing the usecase of this module a bit far. I'm migrating an existing blog that has over 1,500 items published & a great majority have two published URLs. I have over 2,500 RewriteRules I wanted to use in my Orchard deployment.

When trying to enter more than 50 or so, I'd notice that they wouldn't get saved and the ENABLED checkbox would uncheck itself. I confirmed this was also true in the module's database table.

The only fix I could figure out was to manually add all the items in the single record in the database & flip the enable flag. Now when I go in the admin UI it shows all my RewriteRules as well as being enabled and it appears to be working.

Adding it as a post-deployment task to go back and look to see if this module could be tweaked a bit to fix the admin UI & for performance & possibly (ideally) caching the rules.


sebastienros wrote Mar 14, 2013 at 6:47 PM

Never tried that ... Maybe this could be more a feature for Alias which could handle permanent redirects in those cases. But not for the current version actually.

Or have custom url rewrites in the web.config.

The rules are cached so there won't be anymore db query after the first hit. But performance will still be impacted as the rules will all be evaluated.